Painting Rebel!

My kitchen needed a fresh coat of paint so I bought a gallon of paint with a color similar to what’s currently in my kitchen. The kitchen had a lot of odd looking stains with the usual grease stains so I finally took it upon myself as a DIY project this weekend.20190209_172917

Needless to say, its been awhile since I took on a project by myself but here’s a listing of my rebellious streak in action:

1. Its the norm to wear clothes appropriate for painting but I insisted on painting in my dress instead.

2. Painting without a floor covering. A trip from Home Depot changed my mind after a sheet would cost $14 a roll! Yes, I am cheap.

3. If only the dress was long sleeved, I would have avoided several attempts at scrubbing paint of my arms.IMG-20190209-WA0009

4. My fashion choice is costing me my hat from having paint on it.

5. Buying unneccessary paint gadgets that I’m not familiar with, thinking I could figure it out by just using the directions.

6. Prepping for future paint projects that I end up not doing anyway; so now I’m stuck with a gallon of red paint, a pint of yellow paint and a spray can of glow in the dark paint.

7. Baking and painting are not a good combination of smells, so keep the door WIDE open.

8. The idea of drinking beer while painting on a ladder, but I quickly dismissed the idea.

9. Taking frequent breaks and make it count! Eat small snacks and drink cold water, it helps clean out your sense of smell from being high of the paint.

Ignoring vs. Blocking

Recently, I have been IGNORING an entrepreneur who is persistent in making sales.

Don’t get me wrong, while I do respect “the hussle” for anyone making a brand but your “potential sales” should not become a hassle on my time.

Things that I consider a hassle are;

1. Don’t keep on reaching out with small talk when its obvious that it leads to me getting sold a product/service. Be genuine by respecting my time.

2. If I don’t respond to messages, take it as a hint that I’m not interested. Badgering me with messages would only lessen my intent in responding back out of courtesy.

3. Once I’m not sold by your product/service, I won’t be a returning customer. Don’t give me an excuse that “it takes time and consistency for it to work,” when I have been consistent. The bottom line is, “the time for it to work” is costing me money.

close up of human hand
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4. When I am not as passionate about a product/service as much as the sales rep is, I won’t waste my time, effort or money promoting it.

5. I am all about promoting health and wellness but don’t pitch the idea that if I am not taking your product/service, I am losing or missing out on my longevity. Its mine to decide what is best for me.

variety of vegetables on display
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6. Any product/service applies differently because we’re all unique. Also, take into account that we’re at different stages in life with health complexities driven by our habits and environment.

7. Products that are marketed without a trial period and samples are driven by greed. Taking your word for it will not make me a potential or returning customer.

Overall, persistent badgering would only drive me to BLOCKING you all together.


Emphasize intangibles for Valentines Day.

A day of the year where I am being reminded of the cringe worthy ways couples often over share their loving moments. As someone who is content with being loved in private through random love notes, cards or chocolate; why emphasis it with a day because love should be showed/felt with more than a days worth.

Unfortunately, it gets over marketed thanks to the power of social media, the over sharing cheapens the excitement since its more a way to “Keep up with the Jones” (social media edition). Also, it drives the lover, partner, suitor/s to material lenghts in proving their affection/love. Gone are the days where intangible acts of love are given such as mere touch, hugs or quality time could mean so much more.

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It becomes more apparent when one is single because its not only obvious but its also felt. Now I’m not down playing anyone who prefers being single due to self love or self care either, because its been my status for years. I merely stated it because everyone deserves to be loved so it matters.

I just think that no matter ones status is, a day of love should mean more than a box of chocolate and a bouquet of flowers but then again, I’m just a hopeful romantic.

box celebration chocolates decoration
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Low-key changes towards losing weight.

Working out in the hopes of losing weight is not enough for my body to shed unwanted pounds, so I am slowly changing my diet but still feel full and not cheated of calories my body craves.

Low-key but healthy changes for me does not include fad diets, cleansing concoctions, calorie counting or fasting. Just mentioning such things makes me hit the “easy” button of taking fat burn pills or quiting altogether.

Let me share ways of what I started so far:

1. Small changes by adding veggies to my meals and snacking on freeze dried fruits. Nothing too drastic but I know it will become a routine.

2. Not cutting on alcohol, just being picky about what I drink such as strictly sticking with red wine.

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3. Sunday is cheat day so my body does not feel deprived too much.

4. Continue with my 5 day work out routine. Alternating days of weight training days and cardio.

5. Pack lunch with healthy snacks in between.

6. Purge my pantry and fridge of old or expired meals/ingredients, this includes spices.

anise aroma art bazaar
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7. Bulk buy only when its a staple ingredient/supply.

8. If possible, invest in the upkeep of your home, such as professionally cleaning your AC units and installing water purifiers. It pays off in the long run, your health would thank you.IMG-20190202-WA0007

9. Surround yourself with those who trully support and motivate you. Avoid or cut out those who only drag you down.

10. Keep up with your bills, the last thing you need is stressing about keeping your account current. Stress only limits your ability to lose weight.


Ways to re-accessorize

There are times when I get bored using the same accessories to their main purpose. Even though I would love to buy something new, I had found ways to re-accesories what I currently have in order to save money.

1. Broach to hair accesory.

I have this octopus broach from a Halloween costume. I must admit that even though I was partial at wearing it because I’m not into octopuses. I loved the versatility and uniqueness of it that eventually I would get compliments because of it.


2. Hair accessory to a broach.

I have this pair of red flower hair clamps that I started wearing as a broach. I often wore them as hair accessories in the past but I’ve grown tired of it. Instead of parting with it, I found that the clamps are sturdy enough as a broach.


3. Broach to a closure.

To avoid a “wardrobe malfunction” reinforcements such as closures are needed. Unfortunately for this particular clothing it was a wardrobe malfaunction waiting to happen. Thankfully, a broach is what got me to confidently enjoy wearing this outfit.


Trying out Muumuu dresses.

I was bored so just for fun I decided to try on muumuu dresses. They’re so flowy and baggy why not give it a try. Here I was in my converse shoes.

Dress 1.

Long sleeves and length was a plus for me but it looked like the dress was wearing me instead of vice versa.


Dress 2.

It goes to show that sleeveless do not compliment my figure much. Also, the length should either be ankle length or above the knee to flatter me.


Dress 3.

It might not have the flowery pattern of your typical muumuu dress but this had the option of creating a waist. The built-in belt provides a silhoutte. Again the length makes me short and stubby looking but overall, I like it.


What do you think of the muumuu trend?


I have this black sleeveless body hugging dress that accentuates every fold I have. On top of that it has a risque criss-cross opening as a bodice, only cute for someone folded and curvier in the right places…if you know what I mean.

Why do I own one then? Well, I can’t remember but if I were to guess, I bought it because it happened to be on sale.

…so I’m stuck with it and I’m determined to use it for what its worth even if it means covering up!

My go-to covering is a long sleeve men’s shirt of any color, so I was able to wear this dress with different patterned shirts from neutral to bold colors.

In the end, covering up made me more comfortable and bold because I know underneath I’m wearing a one sexy number!