A girl’s intro to men’s wear…

I stumbled upon videos of women “fashionistas” wearing men’s wear and often encouraging us (women/girls alike) not to shy away from clothes shopping at the men’s section. All this time I was brainwashed into thinking there is an unspoken barrier of shopping between sexes. I figured why not give it a try, and so far after today’s shopping experience I noticed the following;

1. A majority of men’s clothing are more durable than women’s clothing.

2. Their fitting rooms are rarely crowded.

3. The “on sale” section rarely gets sifted through compared to the women’s “on sale” section.

4. Forget about converting your size to men’s its best to ignore the sizing, just try it on.

5. Expect a lot of odd stares from other patrons or store representatives as you rummage through the men’s section or ask to use the men’s fitting room.

Other than that, the same tips apply when clothes shopping:

1. Don’t wear complicated clothing that requires a lot of unbuttoning, tying or lacing)

2. Don’t shop on an empty stomach. Its best when you’re full so you won’t have to guess how much to fit in everytime you decide to indulge.

3. Use comfortable footwear that easily slips on and off.

4. If possible only try on shoes after a long day of walking because feet usually expand. In that way you have a “true fit” when shoe shopping.

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