Exploring men’s eye wear, a.k.a unisex wear?!?

Unless its part of their sales pitch, whenever I asked which ones are men’s eye wear the sales rep at a retail store responds along the lines of, “Most of what we carry are unisex.”

This makes me wonder if unisex is the go-to response in order to make retail sell. Whatever the case, I indulged myself in trying out all the so-called “men’s” eye wear that a local retail store has to offer.

I started by after asking permission if I can take photos at the eye wear department, with a definite yes from the sales rep; I took my chance to try out as many eye wear that I can before I take the hint that my time of photo taking without buying any is over.

Therefore, based on an unspoken time limit I knew I got, I started taking photos, not bothering what brand I tried on or how it looked on me. My goal was to exploit my allotted time and edit with what I end up with. It was a thrilling moment as I flashed my face with every pair that seemed to cater to the general male population.

In truth, I looked like a busy bee hovering from one mirror to another snapping photos faster than I can decide which glasses haven’t I tried yet. In no time, I lost myself in making sure the lighting and angle was acceptable basing it on my untrained photography.







Sadly as I previewed my photos I made the mistake of making contact with the sales rep which ended my thrilling eye wear exploration. All she did was give me a distained look which prompted me to thank her again before I left.

As I left I had to glance back, in which to my dismay I noticed another eye wear section that I missed out on exploiting.

Hmmmm, if only…


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