A girl’s take on Christian Dior’s “Sauvage”

In my early years, I was not much into female perfumes because I was naïve. For instance, I did not know how much to put on and where besides my wrists or below my ear lobes. This often resulted in mild headaches, which deterred me from any scent wear.

Fast forward to now where much to my own surprise I find male scents to be appealing as well. Personally it is not harsh or off putting, instead it is more so intriguing since by default I should smell pleasantly girly or feminine. Now I have nothing against such scents since I have my collection of female perfumes; such as Marc Jabobs’ “Divine Decadence,” Mon Guerlain’s “Guerlain,” and Salvatore Ferragamo’s “Signorina” just to name a few.

I stumbled upon male scents after mindlessly watching YouTube on male and female cologne/perfume reviews. One in particular was so enthusiastic about his collection that it made me want to start my own scent collection.

Therefore, here’s my take on Christian Dior’s “Sauvage”

  1. The packaging might be simple but what sold me to it besides the smell was the magnetic cap. It is hassle and fumble free.
  2. I consider it a male performance scent, meaning it lasts most of the day but depending on where you apply it can deter some people. For me, I prefer one spritz behind both of my knees and one on the crook of either arm. This gives me just enough to be noticed but at the same time be pleasantly around.
  3. Every time I wear it I get great compliments, male and female alike. For instance, a female co-worker in particular was amused by the scent because she was asking about it. Another instance was when a male sales rep considers it intriguing when he would notice this particular scent on females. Bottom line is, he thinks its hot!
  4. The scent profile is not as common yet so it continues to be my go-to scent.

By commenting below, feel free to share your own male scent collection.

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