My girly weight training misconceptions.

I avoided weight training/lifting due to my lack of basic knowledge about it to which developed several misconceptions.

I figured I share some of those misconceptions based on my experience, just for your entertainment:

1. I would end up looking like She Hulk, although I have to say she looks awesome!

2. Protein powders and BCAA’s do not make a difference. Personally, it did for me and its amazing!

3. Building muscle increases your appetite so food prepping is such a hassle.

4. Muscle building takes a long time even with a scheduled workout and strict food regiment.

5. Working out takes awhile to be habit forming.

6. For best results you need to hire a personal trainer.

Only a few weeks of incorporating weight lifting in my workout; Boy! was I proved wrong. I am so happy each misconception are merely just that.

How about you, do you have any misconceptions to add?

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