BCAA virgin…

I never heard of BCAAs until I was given a glass of water mixed with pre-measured Strawberry Kiwi flavored BCAA. It resembled the color of pink Koolaid with a tad of sourness mimicking the flavor of kiwi.

First off what is BCAA anyway?

Well, I don’t want to bore you with the science behind it and since I am not endorsing any brand I can only share my experience and based on the short amount of time it took to feel a difference I only have positive reviews. To me, BCAA helped me alleviate my pain and soreness after a weight lifting session. Its as simple as that.

Unfortunately, my introduction to BCAA started out of desperation. After a non BCAA day with my first weight training, resulted in me being so sore that even my workout partner could barely walk the next day. Overpowered by the soreness and pain I took a chance by drinking a pre-measured BCAA mixed in water.


Lo and Behold! My pain and soreness was dramatically reduced by the next day! Even my workout partner was sold to the product that I ended up stocking up when it went on sale. I just to want to make sure there is no painful repeat of my initial workout session.

All this time, I thought vitamin/health and wellness stores were merely selling hyped up products but after my BCAA experience, I’m definitely a firm BCAA believer.

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