I look “swole.”

“I look swole,” this came from a co-worker who is used to working out with clients who he himself participated in body sculpting competitions. A part of me was flattered, yet a part of me got worried because do I really look different?!? I mean ever since I’ve been diligently lifting weights for over a month now, I do look forward to the burn and avoid cardio exercises in preference of lifting instead. Mind you, I do see results when I flex during workout sessions but actually getting recognized for my results only amp’d me to lift even harder. Now I have to admit that its easier for me to lift and carry boxes or move huge items by myself, but what surprised me was it was easier for me to power through some cardio in short distances; thanks to various leg workouts. After all this time, I thought lifting will slow you down but I experienced the opposite.


Sadly, I still need to curb my eating habits and this includes my alcohol intake since my midsection needs a lot of trimming, which I know can be quickly trimmed with cardio. Therefore, balancing my weight lifting to incorporate some cardio for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week is a must. In that way not only would “I look swole” but I would be all the way trimmed out and fast too!



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