She got converted!

Continuing my journey to men’s wear I hope to inspire other women to explore options besides boyfriend jeans and men’s blazers. There is more to it than what the fashion runways put out there. Yes, there are designers that do push the envelope and can be over the top but my intent is incorporating men’s wear for everyday wear. For instance, I wore part of the men’s pant suit to do errands over the weekened and a lady asked where did I get my pants because they fit me well. Imagine the look on her face when I told her its from the men’s department. She was speechless with disbelief so I took advantage by rambling on where I got it from, to how the different quality between women’s from men’s clothing are. Thankfully after 5 minutes of my rapid fire rambling, paired with my enthusiasm I convinced her to start shopping at the men’s section. She got converted!

Mission accomplished.

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