What drives your fashion style?

When you wear clothes is it based out of necessity or feel? What is your pattern if any or who/what inspires your clothing style? Is clothing to you merely a covering or free self expression?

Such questions come to mind when I’m out of my work clothes throughout the week, so I look forward to weekends since its my way of getting the rebel inside of me realized. What I consider a rebellious act is dressing up just because, it does not matter whether I have a planned outing or merely an errand to do. Sometimes, I dress up and not go anywhere because I either got lazy to go out or I just felt like it. Oddly enough, I end up feeling content dressed up inside my home and still feel accomplished because of the effort I made.

To answer my own question, what drives my fashion wear is self expression based on how I feel that day or how I would like to portray that day.

How about you?







2 thoughts on “What drives your fashion style?

  1. For me, it is just mainly because I feel good because of the effort I made to put myself together. Like you, right now… I am all dolled up with no where to go. So, I’m doing laundry and ironing while looking on point! :). It’s mainly for myself. It gives me more energy for the day versus hanging in sweat pants and a hoody with my hair up. πŸ™‚


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