Tinkering into basic auto skills.

Ladies, I believe most of us are charged way too much when it comes to auto related services such as oil changes or swapping out break pads. Three years ago, I used to have an old beater which required a lot of maintenance. It cost me more to maintain for what its worth. At first, I took it as a challenge since it was simple fixes so I took upon myself to making the repairs, thanks to auto classes being offered nearby I delved into it and considered it fun. I ended up being a grease monkey for the day but I learned so much about my car that unfortunately, I could not keep up with its demanding repairs so I ended up selling it for another decent used car. My pattern of being cheap continues…but for the record my current used car is not as old so it didn’t require much maintainance. However, owning a foreign car requires specialized mechanics to make the necessary repairs so there goes my chances of tinkering again but if given the chance, I don’t mind getting greased up again just to save on auto repair costs.

My point is, push yourself to learn new skills especially ones that could end up saving you money. You never know, you might end up enjoying it or have it as a side hustle, maybe even have a career out of it!

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