Express yourself! Graphic T’s

Graphic T’s are so popular that it doesn’t matter if you even know the band or brand as long as the graphics are statement enough to invoke a reaction. Bottom line is the wearer’s making a point or creating one. Also, it can be used as a conversation starter, either agree or disagree to a cause and often times it is used as a call of arms to belong or not belong.

Graphic T’s unfortunately can be crude or misused so its often misinterpreted by anyone not sold to the idea behind the shirt. Therefore, discretion is needed when it comes to hot topics related to politics, religion, gender and race.

Hopefully, common sense would dictate some discretion but in a nation promoting free speech, it can get messy since boundaries will be pushed. The real question would be is it worth wearing such highly sensitive riddled shirt to the point of having to face consequences?

Personally, no. However, if I happen to be passionate about it, I’ll take my chances…but not for quite some time.


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