Social experiment caused by facial acne.

I accepted the fact that due to a lot of factors my skin (controllable or not), my forehead decides to play connect the dots in the form of acne, zits or pimples. Of course the typical thing to do is make changes in diet, reduce stress through exercise/meditation that include facial routines such as cleansing with toners, using moisturizers and the applying of makeup.

Instead I decided to do a social experiment by not covering up my acne riddled forehead to see how I get treated differently compared to making the effort of covering up in makeup. I figured why be embarrassed when I can learn from what is the cost of being true to one self, versus building up the confidence at my best, or at my worst look.

You see, I’ve been makeup free for over a month and noticed that my close friends/associates direct and indirect made connotations towards my face. The worst one was from a cashier who couldn’t help but snicker as he rang up my groceries. For some reason, I agreed how silly I must have looked so instead of getting offended, I joined in due to the humor of it all. Having received mixed reactions based on my experiment, I can safely say that not covering up in makeup made the majority of women be indifferent toward me. I felt judged because of my face while its quite the oppossite among the majority of men. Most of which did not make me feel self conscious or ashamed, nor was I treated any different.

Quite a stark difference when I started wearing makeup to cover up my unevenly colored and acne riddled forehead. For example I noticed that I received better service. I didn’t receive any awkward responses such as looking up to my forehead as I receive a response. Also, there was limited avoidance in eye contact when talking. I guess I looked “sanitary,” so I was easy to talk and be around especially now that I’m doing something about my face.


Overall, it goes to show how vain we can be since it makes a huge impression especially out in public.


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