Receiving none-self generated gifts.

There was a time when I did not like receiving gifts because its not what I wanted but over the years of self generated gifts for myself, its great to receive gifts out of generosity from others.

****Side note: My classification of tangible gifts do not fit in a card unless its filled with cash or a giftcard to which I will make sure to thank you…Santa!****

Now whether you associate gift giving with tangible gifts or intangible gifts such as your time, hugs, phone calls to loved ones or donation towards philanthropic causes…consider yourself a honorary Santa whether you believe in that character or not.

Speaking of gifts, I received two non-self generated gifts this year. (More reason why I buy my own gifts) I guess given my track record of two this year, its safe to say that I was on the naughty list!

First gift comes from my beloved daughter. Its a plushy pillow kitty cat. Now as an adult, I’m surprised how I treated this pillow like I was a kid again because I actually use it as a pillow and tend to carry it only because its so soft, comfy and cuddly. I even named it Ginger Gabriella Garfield or “Gigi” for short.20181230_194242

Last gift came from a friend of mine who I cat sit every so often. She thanks me with pampering services/products. I pamper myself but its different when its self bought versus given to you by someone else. To me, really shows the thought behind your well-being especially when it comes from fellow ladies.

For instance, I wanted to buy a bottle of nail polish but the cheap side of me won’t let me since I made practical excuses such as, “I’m too hard on my hands so what’s the point.” and “There’s too much color to choose from.”

Thankfully, the gift I received solved both dilemmas since in the pampering kit, it included a bottle of Pepto Bismol colored nail polish and from the moment I opened it, I started painting my nails. Girl! I was out the door with coat two barely dried on my nails. I just couldn’t wait to show it off.20181226_133216

Thank you ladies for the gifts, I love having them! 🤩




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