New Year’s resolution: First home renovation. Part 2

***Disclaimer below***

Wonderful reader,

I suggest reading through Part 1 of this blog before reading below. Trust me, it makes more sense as to why I made this post.

***End of Disclaimer***

With a film of dust from every surface of my kitchen one would think I’m having an illegal operation going on, but its merely the remants from my home renovation. After having to wipe my counters clean before I can indulge with some needed coffee sadly, I’m not done since I have a wishlist of renovations I need to pursue.

Below is what I have in mind:

1. Install a water softener with the capabilities of water osmosis. Island living has such hard water that clothes tend to not last long and any appliances get clogged up with some built-up. Be it mold, calcium deposits and green mildew. Also any outdoor appliances deteriorate fast due to the salty air from the nearby ocean.

Why the need for water osmosis? Well, potable water from tap water is questionable so its mainly a piece of mind and reduction for the need to buy bottled water.

2. Converting my current electric range to gas. This is to make sure future tenants still have the capability of cooking during electrical outages often caused by tropical storms hitting the island. To put it to perspective, our recent power outage lasted for over a week, so its something that needs to be addressed.

***Investing in a generator to power an entire household is too expensive, but future tenants have the option to buy their own generator to keep an appliance operational, usually the fridge.***

3. Unfortunately the option for solar power is not popular here on island but I added it on this list for when that time comes.

4. Install a security system due to rampant home burglaries on island due to a disparity of income with the majority of the local population.

***My personal opinion only***

I think the main cause is the lack of skilled workers resulting in the majority to use coping mechanisms such as drugs and alcohol.

5. Invest in energy efficient appliances to reduce future electric usage.

Feel free to inquire if you need more clarification from this post. Its quite different from my usual posts but like everyone else I do have a serious side as well. 😁

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