Cost of frugality…is it really worth it?

I had to throw away a beautiful color blocked wrap all because of a frayed portion caused by a small snag. Sure, I knowingly bought a piece that is mass produced for the fraction of the price. ….so do I admit it? Yes…yet again, I’ve been a willing victim of fast fashion.


How? It started with the sale, the hype and the “savings.” All this time, I knew the material is cheaply made just to meet my frugality fix even when I know its a matter of time until it gets damaged.

Sure enough after a few wash and wear, it finally did. The damaged material started small until it was unbearable noticeable.

My frugality kicked it by thinking, “I could patch it up” but the reality of the sheer material would only get worse even when patched.

Yet again, frugality kicked in by thinking, “I should keep it to copy the pattern” but I know all too well that I won’t make time to sew garments.

My thought process above are my internal battles to justify my spending habits. Overall even though I’m proud to say I’m cheap but in the end, its costing me more by having to pay replacements or tailored maintenance.

In the end, my thought process of limiting frugality to being “cheap” is wrong. I think it should be more towards “is it worth it” spending more for quality than quantity.

If that is the case, acknowledging is one thing but application is another.



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