My love and hate relationship with Girl Scout cookies.

Its that time of the year again where a barrage of mini business minded girls in uniform sell cookies. This is where my love and hate for the cookies start because usually family and friends are targeted first before branching out in front of store fronts such as Walmart.

By default I have to buy from my daughter who has been a Girl Scout since she was 8 years old. This is where parents of other Girl Scouts from work gets awkward especially when asked if I was interested in purchasing, to which I have to decline. At least my response is relatable since I support their cause through my daughter’s sales.

My hate towards the cookies is not directly at the product. In fact I LOVE “Thin Mints” especially after its been frozen. I was told by fellow thin mint lovers to try it out and I was mind blown. Freezing the cookies enhances the mint flavor more, on top of the hardened cookie takes it to a different level!

….so with all that hype, why do the words “love”, “hate” and “girl scout cookies” are in the same thought process then?

Well my reference to hate is only triggered when I have to dodge other mini business girls with their parents from buying their cookies. As I politely decline by stating I already bought cookies from my daughter who is a girl scout sister. I still get that feeling of “Well since were all in this together why not buy from us as well?” The body langauge and facial expressions loudly expresses that sentiment.

It gets worse when the sentiment is said out loud, and in front of their girls; only then will I strongly reference “hate” with girl scout cookies.

I suggest Girl Scout parents take business lessons from their girl’s marketing strategies. As a fellow girl scout parent, we could learn a lesson or two about the world of sales.

Which reminds me, help support the Girl Scouts by getting your girl scout cookie fix!

Order online now! Linked below is my daughters girl scout link. Thank you for your support!



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