Ignoring vs. Blocking

Recently, I have been IGNORING an entrepreneur who is persistent in making sales.

Don’t get me wrong, while I do respect “the hussle” for anyone making a brand but your “potential sales” should not become a hassle on my time.

Things that I consider a hassle are;

1. Don’t keep on reaching out with small talk when its obvious that it leads to me getting sold a product/service. Be genuine by respecting my time.

2. If I don’t respond to messages, take it as a hint that I’m not interested. Badgering me with messages would only lessen my intent in responding back out of courtesy.

3. Once I’m not sold by your product/service, I won’t be a returning customer. Don’t give me an excuse that “it takes time and consistency for it to work,” when I have been consistent. The bottom line is, “the time for it to work” is costing me money.

close up of human hand
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

4. When I am not as passionate about a product/service as much as the sales rep is, I won’t waste my time, effort or money promoting it.

5. I am all about promoting health and wellness but don’t pitch the idea that if I am not taking your product/service, I am losing or missing out on my longevity. Its mine to decide what is best for me.

variety of vegetables on display
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

6. Any product/service applies differently because we’re all unique. Also, take into account that we’re at different stages in life with health complexities driven by our habits and environment.

7. Products that are marketed without a trial period and samples are driven by greed. Taking your word for it will not make me a potential or returning customer.

Overall, persistent badgering would only drive me to BLOCKING you all together.


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