Painting Rebel!

My kitchen needed a fresh coat of paint so I bought a gallon of paint with a color similar to what’s currently in my kitchen. The kitchen had a lot of odd looking stains with the usual grease stains so I finally took it upon myself as a DIY project this weekend.20190209_172917

Needless to say, its been awhile since I took on a project by myself but here’s a listing of my rebellious streak in action:

1. Its the norm to wear clothes appropriate for painting but I insisted on painting in my dress instead.

2. Painting without a floor covering. A trip from Home Depot changed my mind after a sheet would cost $14 a roll! Yes, I am cheap.

3. If only the dress was long sleeved, I would have avoided several attempts at scrubbing paint of my arms.IMG-20190209-WA0009

4. My fashion choice is costing me my hat from having paint on it.

5. Buying unneccessary paint gadgets that I’m not familiar with, thinking I could figure it out by just using the directions.

6. Prepping for future paint projects that I end up not doing anyway; so now I’m stuck with a gallon of red paint, a pint of yellow paint and a spray can of glow in the dark paint.

7. Baking and painting are not a good combination of smells, so keep the door WIDE open.

8. The idea of drinking beer while painting on a ladder, but I quickly dismissed the idea.

9. Taking frequent breaks and make it count! Eat small snacks and drink cold water, it helps clean out your sense of smell from being high of the paint.

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