Mustache March_ a girl’s version

Just to be clear, I am not confident enough to pose colored armpit hair like the fad nowadays; nor would I sport other body hair that I would rather wax off.

However, I would consent into showing off a fake mustache in support of Mustache March. I gave it some thought and after a few days I ordered a full-on beard through my Amazon account and I can’t wait.

“…but why?” you ask.

I say, “Why not?”

To me, the experience of sporting a mustache or worse yet a beard will be an experience that I’m willing to share. I’m already imagining the heat from wearing it to include the maintenance of making sure it doesn’t end up in what I eat or drink. Truthfully, I look forward to it since I can do away with putting half of my makeup! Less product, less waste!

March could not come fast enough!


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