Mustache DIY

On behalf of Mustache March I decided to partake with a Mustache March competition that included females. I for one has fierce competition but as the only female entrant I win by default but I want to make sure my mustache is a standout.

I figured I buy a beard from Amazon but when it came I opted against wearing it since its a beard not a mustache. I figured I want to make it personalized so I tried to use a cutout with cloth and affix peacock feathers but the feathers were difficult to work with.

My second attempt was from a Youtube video of false lashes as mustaches. It was realistic enough and I can work bejeweling it to make look feminine. Yeah, its a mustache but I want it to still look cute. Thankfully, I managed to find several pairs of false lashes being sold at a discount. I processed to stack 4 lashes on top of the other, being careful to attach stick-on jewels to dazzle the stache and after several takes I came up with a pair of falsies as my mustache.

Tell me what you think?

Wish me luck!

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