Short-lived but…what a sweet reunion!

To any single parents out there, its bitter sweet when one has to leave. Unfortunately, my moment has come when I have to leave my mini-me. The short time spent seemed as if I never left since we connected like it was yesterday. We flooded each other with stories so rich that I can’t wait to catch up again.

To my baby girl, don’t let this parting hinder your own happiness. This will pass and it will be short-lived, focus on yourself because I’ll be supporting you always.

Just like the family of geese we saw yesterday, we’re still a family you and I; small but intact, so dry those tears and keep your chin up!



You’re a smart girl, growing up as a smart young woman. Remember my home will always be open to you, its just a matter of time and you’ll find your own way too.

I’m so proud of you and you deserve all the happiness this world has to offer. For now I bid you a soft and sweet farewell, until June when I get to see you again.

Take care and know you are so loved not only by me but by everyone else in your circle. I just ask you to stay resilient and strong, not only for me but for yourself as well.



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