Perfect shot!

Disclaimer: Everyone’s view point on weapon or “gun” is a hot topic nowadays. My stance is awareness on weapon safety and handling. Therefore, I myself handle it as needed to stay proficient. Others view weapons differently and I completely understand.

With that in mind, I don’t own any firearms however I might consider owning one in the future. My mother does not approve of it due to mishandling stories she’d heard off in the past. Some ended with accidental discharge that caused a fatality.

I shared that notion to point out the lack of awareness from the handler. Therefore, I encourage safety and proper training on any weapon. Accidents happen once those are lacking.

The argument regarding the issue of mental health of weapon handling does need to be discussed. I’m not medically inclined however, I agree that any weapon with a mentally disturbed handler should not be in the same context.

What’s your take?


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