Poshmark vibes

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since my last post because of life changes such as moving and holidays with family. However, I have been busy selling some excess stuff on Poshmark. For those not in the know, it’s a site more like EBay where buyers and sellers can share their wares. The great thing about it is sellers have pre-determined shipping cost and labels once an item or bundle sells. I have started listing to my shop as wannabe_thrifty since Dec 27 last year and have sold 11 items so far. I’m continually listing and revamping my online shop so feel free to partake if you like. Thus far, I love the transparency and community Poshmark has between sellers and buyers. Therefore, I’m enjoying my part time seller status. I look forward to what you think of it as a side-hustle. It’s bad for me because whatever I make I end up buying from someone in the app. Overall, it goes back to the website but I love the thrill of shopping and shipping fashionable items. To me it’s been amazing, if you have a Poshmark account, feel free to share yours so we can spread your listing too.


My quest to no bra wear weekened_Episode 3

Its liberating for me to knowing that I can pull off an outfit with no bra. I feel such freedom and control since I’m not dictated by public opinion of what is “kosher” to wear. For fear of being condemned for going outside of what is proper and what is not.

The idea of breast feeding in public alone is straining social norms which should be normal behavior. Especially for those who believe they evolved from monkeys, why aren’t monkeys banned from breastfeeding. Also, I don’t see the monkeys being ridiculed for publicly feeding their young while in the wild or in a zoo.

Is it the issue of nipples that bring ire or discust in social media? Celebrities strut their nipples in see through attires in the red carpet its accepted. However  once breasts are used for nurturing human babies its a public outcry! Come on people!

Anyway enough of my rant because in this episode, blazers is what got me to be comfortable this weekend.

My quest for no bra wear weekends_Episode 2.

Yes! I am loving another weekend of trying on my quest to no bra wear weekend. This episode deals with layers. It gets tricky because I live in a tropical heat area with humidity, so dressing in layers needs experience and a wannabe fashionista degree.

I found that layering even in the tropical heat can be done, as long as you don’t mind getting several quiziccal looks. For instance, I wore a clashing of prints to layer over my jumper with a bold printed turtleneck with shoulder cut-offs. Finally, I finished it off with a pair of classic Espadrilles.

I love how the double-take looks I get are not towards my chest.


Mission Accomplished!


My quest to no-bra wear weekends, Episode 1.

Every weekday my chest is subjected to sports bras even if I am only blest with a humble cup size, the likes of teenage girls before hormone altered food was sold in grocery stores. I mean a NEGATIVE-A cup size. I used to buy my bras at the girls section frequented only by teenage girls and their moms, shopping for their first pair. Here I am a 30+ old woman shopping for the same thing but like everything in life change happens, meaning motherhood and gravity took over so now I have to resort to sports bras just to feel comfortable.

With my weekday restrictions I felt the need to literally “free the ta-tas” by going bra less every weekend. Thanks to my chest size still being the same but non-perky, I figured I share my tips with each episode.

For episode 1, Ruffles! I successfully worn colorful ruffles around my chest area with no issue. The ruffling is somewhat similar to the curve of a bust is expected so I managed to make it work twice already.


Lumpia class!

I held my first Lumpia class.

I didn’t know that all my years of making lumpias for numerous potlucks had led me to a successful class! My class filled up within less than an hour. I was so excited and apprehensive because not a lot filled out the survey I sent out to see if there’s any interest.

What a surprise when I finally posted my Lumpia class flyer that it was going to be a success! Of course part of my success was my thrifted outfit. I looked the part and I was confident doing it.

I loved the fact that others enjoyed my Lumpia recipe. I had rave reviews, it was amazing.

Lingerie to street style

I kept seeing this trend of maximizing the use of lingerie outside of sleep wear. At first I was skeptical because how could something that is either frilly, skimpy, silky and laced up pieces of clothing be appropriate enough outside of the bedroom.

…Then a rich deep purple silk high low with black laced cups changed my mind. It is gorgeous on its own but as I layered it with a printed black and white flowly top secured with a black broach on a pair of black cowboy boots. My hair twisted up similar to Chun Li from Street Fighter.

My fashion looked like a hodge podge of confusing elements but it worked! I definitely made a statement at a party because I didn’t show up in casual beach wear like everyone else.

I can’t wait to style up this sky blue cupped frilly baby doll lingerie this weekend. Its fun knowing you can enjoy lingerie wear outside of bed.

Mixing fashion cultures

Thanks to my thrifting adventures, I get to explore differeing prints and cuts that are not your mainstream “fast fashion.”

For instance I scored this Asian inspired red top. I love it due to its unique closure. Easy to style and very versatile in any weather.

Today I paired it with dark green harem pants. At first I was confused on the simple yet complicated closures that at first, I didn’t buy it but after making my second trip to the store I decided to take it as a way to challenge my own style.

I’m so glad I did because I look so unique. I can’t help but get the “flip back look.” Especially with every stride giving off a peak of bare leg. Yes, I might be walking Christmas ornament but girl, I’m definitely serving it today!