Celebrating Christmas semi-sunbathing!?!

Christmas is often advertised and popularized in cold related weather with Santa, snowman, Christmas trees, cozying up on warm beverages and bundling up for a “winter wonderland.”

Oddly enough, I longed to be in the cold during Christmas especially now of having celebrating it in a tropical island for the past 3 years now. It just doesn’t feel “Christmas” without the cold.

Truthfully, I longed wearing my grey wool men’s jacket, which I got compliments after being mistakenly thought of as a “peacoat.” I loved wearing my cashmere scarf or beanie, not to mention a pair of heavy duty boots! I treated gloves and earmuffs as my optional accessories only, since I loved wrapping my scarf as a head wrap making sure my ears were covered.

This year, I celebrated Christmas on a tropical island. To me it was not “Christmassy enough,” actually it scewed my ideal “winter wonderland” celebration. Its like sunbathing when I already have a tanned complection. To me it doesn’t add up but I ended up sunbathing anyway.

Now when it comes to what I consider “sunbathing,” its more deceitful since it consisted of me covered up in black booty shorts, T-shirt and a baseball cap underneath the shade of a coconut tree. Thankfully, I did not bother wearing sunscreen and I was out by the beach for 5 hours. As if that helps me with my “tan.”


I’m sure your Christmas celebrations made more sense than mine.

Exploring men’s eye wear, a.k.a unisex wear?!?

Unless its part of their sales pitch, whenever I asked which ones are men’s eye wear the sales rep at a retail store responds along the lines of, “Most of what we carry are unisex.”

This makes me wonder if unisex is the go-to response in order to make retail sell. Whatever the case, I indulged myself in trying out all the so-called “men’s” eye wear that a local retail store has to offer.

I started by after asking permission if I can take photos at the eye wear department, with a definite yes from the sales rep; I took my chance to try out as many eye wear that I can before I take the hint that my time of photo taking without buying any is over.

Therefore, based on an unspoken time limit I knew I got, I started taking photos, not bothering what brand I tried on or how it looked on me. My goal was to exploit my allotted time and edit with what I end up with. It was a thrilling moment as I flashed my face with every pair that seemed to cater to the general male population.

In truth, I looked like a busy bee hovering from one mirror to another snapping photos faster than I can decide which glasses haven’t I tried yet. In no time, I lost myself in making sure the lighting and angle was acceptable basing it on my untrained photography.







Sadly as I previewed my photos I made the mistake of making contact with the sales rep which ended my thrilling eye wear exploration. All she did was give me a distained look which prompted me to thank her again before I left.

As I left I had to glance back, in which to my dismay I noticed another eye wear section that I missed out on exploiting.

Hmmmm, if only…