Gym wear faux pas

I tend to people watch in between workout sets and I can’t help but notice patrons having gym wear faux pas. Granted, yes we are not there for a fashion show and yes I should focus more on exercising but I can’t help it.

Disclaimer: I am in no means an expert on what is proper gym wear so what faux pas I might mention below are merely my observations.

Gym wear faux pas:

1. Skimpy gym wear worn by millenials to baby boomers. Nothing against those who are bold enough to  flaunt their fit or non fit bods but we are in an enclosed space, usually bombarded in loud music with scents mingled in sweat. Please do not add more to my sensory overload.

2. Ill fitting gym shoes. At least with the local gym I attend to I noticed some patrons in the weight room wearing converse shoes. I guess I’m so used to wearing running shoes when working out that seeing non-athletic shoes seems odd.

3. Gym bags. I myself is an offender of this because I use a cheetah print handbag as my gym bag since I only carry my accordion wallet, hand towel and keys. Also, I shower at home after my workout so I don’t need to use a typical gym bag. 20181110_141349

4. Gym wear accouterments such as weight belt, weight gloves and various gym pads. Clearly, these are needed to the comfort and safety of the user but it gets expensive. Thankfully, our gym offers some of the accouterments to be rented for the day but non-availability and sanitary issues is a personal inconvenience so I don’t even bother.

5. This pertains to the selfie generation. You already know you look good in your outfit but please don’t use the gym as your personal runway by taking more selfies and hogging the mirrors more than working out itself.






Gym How Tos & What Not To Dos…

5 days a week, my gym partner and I hit the gym every morning for a 45 minute weight lifting routine. After some time you notice who are the “regulars” and their gym mannerisms. Unfortunately, a pair of regulars have no regard to other patrons since both like to literally drop the weights after each set causing unnecessary annoying clankling sounds. It doesn’t matter if its from free weights or stand alone machines. I don’t know what their deal is but if its their way of getting attention, they definitely got mine…. in a very bad way.

I only made mention of it because I want to share tips on what to do and NOT to do in the weight room of a gym.

1. DO NOT drop any weights because over time it will damage the weight/equipment. Plus its a safety hazard not only for the user but neighboring weight lifters. Not to mention, it brings undue attention from users such as myself.

2. Listen to your body. If you attempted to lift a particular weight but you clearly can’t finish a set, try to safety re-rack so you can adjust the weight. Pushing yourself often lead to injury but if you must push yourself, then ask someone to spot you.

3. Bring your own towel. I don’t know how bougie the gym you attend because the ones I’m a member of do not have available towels. This is a must for me since I sweat like a pig.

4. Wear gym outfits that work for you. For instance restricting clothes are uncomfortable and it shows because the wearer constantly fidgets/adjusts every so often. Its time wasted from every routine, clearly not suitable when you’re short in time.

5. Have fun with your routine by changing the exercise or adding a different routine. If you don’t, you would get bored leading to you quitting and end up wasting your gym membership. Don’t become a statistic!

6. If you’re gym rat, please try not to hog the machines, bench and weights. Other patrons are trying to work out too. As a regular, clearly you have an idea when the gym is packed so either try to limit your weight usage to 30 minutes or come at a different time.

Did I miss any? Let me know what are your pet peeves when working out in the gym.



Definitely not basketball shorts…

I’d rather be comfortable yet fashionable because I don’t believe in going through any pain or discomfort just to be labeled as being “in fashion.” Therefore when I gained a few pounds and kept shoving myself in that small pair of shorts, my uncomfortable love handles were not having it so what’s a girl to do? Size up in the women’s section? Nope. Instead, I opted to wear men’s gym shorts!

First comes to mind are, basketball shorts which is baggy enough to fit me but at 5’3″ I might as well be wearing it like a skirt. Good thing I managed to find regular pairs of men’s gym shorts, better yet they were ON SALE!

I noticed the following differences between male and female gym shorts;

1. The pockets are large enough to carry a compact wallet, to include keys.

2. Gym short design provides a loose and comfortable fit.

3. The color scheme used tend to be heavy toned such as black and/or grey with only hints of lighter tone colors within its design.

4. For the best fit, personally try it on since the conversion between female to men sizes vary.