My recent fashion faux pas!

I decided to wear my new found combo of a sundress dressed down over a plaid shirt with a pair of tan loafers. For some reason, I did not consider the windy weather so when I stepped out of my car, the wind picked up underneath my dress and I managed to pull off a comical version of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic subway dress scene!

Sadly for the two people who witnessed my performance, they got a free show! Per my usual, I laughed it off and decided to proceed with my errand, shashaying away with what’s left of my dignity. It didn’t help that my two witnesses were doing the same errand as me. Ugh!

To avoid future “wardrobe malfunction performances,” I decided to DIY the hem of my dress with four foreign dime sized coins. (Thanks to YouTube for the inspiration!)

I then armed myself with a needle and thread. After strategically placing the coins one on each side and one to the front and back, I roughly stitched the coins in place with bold X’s.img-20190105-wa0001

To make it more secure, I used fabric softener cutouts over the coins. Again, I roughed stitched over each coin so it can last during normal washing and drying.

After further thought, I would not recommend wearing it when flying to travel or else my next perfomance is with TSA agents!



Styling with men’s loafers.

Finally! I took the leap of pairing men’s loafers with a dress under a men’s shirt. You see, I envy ladies who can pull an androgyny look because I like it when the standard feminine look can be easily styled with masculine pieces. To me the end result looks unique with a hint of intrigue.

I love dressing up no matter the occassion or none occassion. For instance, this is my outfit as I went grocery shopping. I shop in long sleeves to keep me comfortable especially as I shop at the frozen section.

I have to admit, it took awhile for me to finally have the courage to pair men’s loafers with something that is not a pair of pants/shorts. For some reason, I finally did it! Its funny because I felt liberated because I pushed myself from my comfort zone.

Now its only a matter of time when I will finally pair men’s loafers with maxi dresses and/or summer dresses. Hmmmmm?20190101_154724

Baby steps love, baby steps…

Girl on wearing men’s loafers.

I long for comfort especially when it comes to my feet. Sadly, Im not the type to enjoy pedicures since I dread the loofah or any scrubbing by the pedicurist’s, because I always end up mustering all my effort from giggling since my feet are ticklish.

Therefore, the only way for me to “pamper” my feet is by wearing non heeled shoes, so what’s more non heeled than men’s loafers!

I have to admit, at first I was not drawn to it since I can’t get over the fact that everytime I try a pair or two and look down, my feet end up looking like two airplanes!¬†However the more I try more pairs of mens loafers, the more I start to appreciate the unique look.

As you can tell below, I went the extra mile to take as many comparisons as possible. One foot stays the same while the other is my “sample” foot.







In the end I own three pairs of mens loafers, below’s my experience so far;

1. Start with neutral colors so you can easily pair it with your current wardrobe. For me, I own two in dark brown color and a pair in black.

2. Men’s loafers come in many colors and designs. I suggest going for nothing too loud in color or too flashy in design. Make it worth your money so choose loafers that you can wear as much as possible.

3. Look at the bottom of the loafers because some have little to no sole grip. Those are designed for office or formal wear. Its best to invest in loafers you won’t slip over.

4. Depending on your comfort level, men’s loafers can be worn with or without socks!

5. Dare yourself to pair it with your dressy outfits, I haven’t crossed that treshold yet but eventually I will.

6. If you are still adamant at trying out anything from the men’s section, go when its not too crowded. Usually as the store opens or near closing hours; retail sites often show their peak hours so you can gauge what’s the best time for you.

7. If you’re still self concscious about it, bring a male counterpart to shop with you so its not as awkward as you make it seem.

Other than that, enjoy the experience if not the finds, until my next post!