My recent fashion faux pas!

I decided to wear my new found combo of a sundress dressed down over a plaid shirt with a pair of tan loafers. For some reason, I did not consider the windy weather so when I stepped out of my car, the wind picked up underneath my dress and I managed to pull off a comical version of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic subway dress scene!

Sadly for the two people who witnessed my performance, they got a free show! Per my usual, I laughed it off and decided to proceed with my errand, shashaying away with what’s left of my dignity. It didn’t help that my two witnesses were doing the same errand as me. Ugh!

To avoid future “wardrobe malfunction performances,” I decided to DIY the hem of my dress with four foreign dime sized coins. (Thanks to YouTube for the inspiration!)

I then armed myself with a needle and thread. After strategically placing the coins one on each side and one to the front and back, I roughly stitched the coins in place with bold X’s.img-20190105-wa0001

To make it more secure, I used fabric softener cutouts over the coins. Again, I roughed stitched over each coin so it can last during normal washing and drying.

After further thought, I would not recommend wearing it when flying to travel or else my next perfomance is with TSA agents!



Gym How Tos & What Not To Dos…

5 days a week, my gym partner and I hit the gym every morning for a 45 minute weight lifting routine. After some time you notice who are the “regulars” and their gym mannerisms. Unfortunately, a pair of regulars have no regard to other patrons since both like to literally drop the weights after each set causing unnecessary annoying clankling sounds. It doesn’t matter if its from free weights or stand alone machines. I don’t know what their deal is but if its their way of getting attention, they definitely got mine…. in a very bad way.

I only made mention of it because I want to share tips on what to do and NOT to do in the weight room of a gym.

1. DO NOT drop any weights because over time it will damage the weight/equipment. Plus its a safety hazard not only for the user but neighboring weight lifters. Not to mention, it brings undue attention from users such as myself.

2. Listen to your body. If you attempted to lift a particular weight but you clearly can’t finish a set, try to safety re-rack so you can adjust the weight. Pushing yourself often lead to injury but if you must push yourself, then ask someone to spot you.

3. Bring your own towel. I don’t know how bougie the gym you attend because the ones I’m a member of do not have available towels. This is a must for me since I sweat like a pig.

4. Wear gym outfits that work for you. For instance restricting clothes are uncomfortable and it shows because the wearer constantly fidgets/adjusts every so often. Its time wasted from every routine, clearly not suitable when you’re short in time.

5. Have fun with your routine by changing the exercise or adding a different routine. If you don’t, you would get bored leading to you quitting and end up wasting your gym membership. Don’t become a statistic!

6. If you’re gym rat, please try not to hog the machines, bench and weights. Other patrons are trying to work out too. As a regular, clearly you have an idea when the gym is packed so either try to limit your weight usage to 30 minutes or come at a different time.

Did I miss any? Let me know what are your pet peeves when working out in the gym.



I look “swole.”

“I look swole,” this came from a co-worker who is used to working out with clients who he himself participated in body sculpting competitions. A part of me was flattered, yet a part of me got worried because do I really look different?!? I mean ever since I’ve been diligently lifting weights for over a month now, I do look forward to the burn and avoid cardio exercises in preference of lifting instead. Mind you, I do see results when I flex during workout sessions but actually getting recognized for my results only amp’d me to lift even harder. Now I have to admit that its easier for me to lift and carry boxes or move huge items by myself, but what surprised me was it was easier for me to power through some cardio in short distances; thanks to various leg workouts. After all this time, I thought lifting will slow you down but I experienced the opposite.


Sadly, I still need to curb my eating habits and this includes my alcohol intake since my midsection needs a lot of trimming, which I know can be quickly trimmed with cardio. Therefore, balancing my weight lifting to incorporate some cardio for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week is a must. In that way not only would “I look swole” but I would be all the way trimmed out and fast too!



BCAA virgin…

I never heard of BCAAs until I was given a glass of water mixed with pre-measured Strawberry Kiwi flavored BCAA. It resembled the color of pink Koolaid with a tad of sourness mimicking the flavor of kiwi.

First off what is BCAA anyway?

Well, I don’t want to bore you with the science behind it and since I am not endorsing any brand I can only share my experience and based on the short amount of time it took to feel a difference I only have positive reviews. To me, BCAA helped me alleviate my pain and soreness after a weight lifting session. Its as simple as that.

Unfortunately, my introduction to BCAA started out of desperation. After a non BCAA day with my first weight training, resulted in me being so sore that even my workout partner could barely walk the next day. Overpowered by the soreness and pain I took a chance by drinking a pre-measured BCAA mixed in water.


Lo and Behold! My pain and soreness was dramatically reduced by the next day! Even my workout partner was sold to the product that I ended up stocking up when it went on sale. I just to want to make sure there is no painful repeat of my initial workout session.

All this time, I thought vitamin/health and wellness stores were merely selling hyped up products but after my BCAA experience, I’m definitely a firm BCAA believer.

My girly weight training misconceptions.

I avoided weight training/lifting due to my lack of basic knowledge about it to which developed several misconceptions.

I figured I share some of those misconceptions based on my experience, just for your entertainment:

1. I would end up looking like She Hulk, although I have to say she looks awesome!

2. Protein powders and BCAA’s do not make a difference. Personally, it did for me and its amazing!

3. Building muscle increases your appetite so food prepping is such a hassle.

4. Muscle building takes a long time even with a scheduled workout and strict food regiment.

5. Working out takes awhile to be habit forming.

6. For best results you need to hire a personal trainer.

Only a few weeks of incorporating weight lifting in my workout; Boy! was I proved wrong. I am so happy each misconception are merely just that.

How about you, do you have any misconceptions to add?