Silence is control

Misunderstandings between people are normal, often times with raised voices and pointing fingers. In doing so I have reacted in every state possible, from one extreme of complete anger to the other end of the spectrum with silence.

The moment I react with extreme anger, I end up feeling a false sense of victory since I immediately feel bad. Whether or not my reaction at the time had merit or not didn’t matter. I still end up with a sense of guilt and shame.

Surprisingly enough, when my reaction in defense is with silence; I end up feeling defeated but I seem to gain control and victory. It is not easy but when I know I am in the wrong and am willing to learn. I think its unnecessary to waste time and energy by reacting in anger.

Today was one when silence was in control and I plan to use it as often as I am able to. At the end of the day I get to sleep with no regrets.

It proved true this morning as I was finishing up this blog post at a parking lot, the driver on the passenger side opened his door wide enough that it touched my passenger side door. I happened to be inside my car and as we both locked eyes I had to laugh in response because fate was testing my resolve and again silence won.

Of course the driver gestured his apologies as he inspected his side of the door. It seemed he didn’t notice any damage so its all good so he went about his day as I did mine. I’ll just have to wait for sun up for me to see anything anyway.

Silence is control.