“Energizer” bunny bag…my unconventional take on Easter basket

Fundraising for Easter gave my creative juices a twist regarding the traditional Easter basket. I figured an “Energizer” bunny fueled by Duracel batteries and gym workout shakes/snacks and workout gear would give things an interesting perspective.

…so off I went, I randomly selected some protein drinks/shakes, energy  snacks/shots, small gym bag, muscled theme beach towel, headphones, a first aid kit, protein tumbler & shaker with 2 adorable stuffed toy bunnies to end it all off.

Assembling the bag was tricky but fun to say the least specially figuring out how to attach the kid sunglasses to both bunnies.

Wish us luck in raising a lot for our fundraiser next month.

Silence is control

Misunderstandings between people are normal, often times with raised voices and pointing fingers. In doing so I have reacted in every state possible, from one extreme of complete anger to the other end of the spectrum with silence.

The moment I react with extreme anger, I end up feeling a false sense of victory since I immediately feel bad. Whether or not my reaction at the time had merit or not didn’t matter. I still end up with a sense of guilt and shame.

Surprisingly enough, when my reaction in defense is with silence; I end up feeling defeated but I seem to gain control and victory. It is not easy but when I know I am in the wrong and am willing to learn. I think its unnecessary to waste time and energy by reacting in anger.

Today was one when silence was in control and I plan to use it as often as I am able to. At the end of the day I get to sleep with no regrets.

It proved true this morning as I was finishing up this blog post at a parking lot, the driver on the passenger side opened his door wide enough that it touched my passenger side door. I happened to be inside my car and as we both locked eyes I had to laugh in response because fate was testing my resolve and again silence won.

Of course the driver gestured his apologies as he inspected his side of the door. It seemed he didn’t notice any damage so its all good so he went about his day as I did mine. I’ll just have to wait for sun up for me to see anything anyway.

Silence is control.



Lip Gloss Blunder!

I meant to start my work week by prepping my clothes for starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, as I pulled my clothes from the dryer I noticed splotches of pink on some clothes as I pulled clothes out.

The culprit was my trusty ever so glossy Lip Glow. Its my favorite and sadly its ruined as I proceeded to look down the empty tube. What a waste! Instead of it plastered on my lips now its all over my clothes.

Needless to say, it would take a lot of scrubbing and a weird concoction  thanks for a YouTube video in ways to take the stains out.

On top of it, I owe someone a replacement pair of khaki pants.


Any ideas on how to remove dried on lip gloss stains?

New Year’s resolution: First home renovation. Part 2

***Disclaimer below***

Wonderful reader,

I suggest reading through Part 1 of this blog before reading below. Trust me, it makes more sense as to why I made this post.

***End of Disclaimer***

With a film of dust from every surface of my kitchen one would think I’m having an illegal operation going on, but its merely the remants from my home renovation. After having to wipe my counters clean before I can indulge with some needed coffee sadly, I’m not done since I have a wishlist of renovations I need to pursue.

Below is what I have in mind:

1. Install a water softener with the capabilities of water osmosis. Island living has such hard water that clothes tend to not last long and any appliances get clogged up with some built-up. Be it mold, calcium deposits and green mildew. Also any outdoor appliances deteriorate fast due to the salty air from the nearby ocean.

Why the need for water osmosis? Well, potable water from tap water is questionable so its mainly a piece of mind and reduction for the need to buy bottled water.

2. Converting my current electric range to gas. This is to make sure future tenants still have the capability of cooking during electrical outages often caused by tropical storms hitting the island. To put it to perspective, our recent power outage lasted for over a week, so its something that needs to be addressed.

***Investing in a generator to power an entire household is too expensive, but future tenants have the option to buy their own generator to keep an appliance operational, usually the fridge.***

3. Unfortunately the option for solar power is not popular here on island but I added it on this list for when that time comes.

4. Install a security system due to rampant home burglaries on island due to a disparity of income with the majority of the local population.

***My personal opinion only***

I think the main cause is the lack of skilled workers resulting in the majority to use coping mechanisms such as drugs and alcohol.

5. Invest in energy efficient appliances to reduce future electric usage.

Feel free to inquire if you need more clarification from this post. Its quite different from my usual posts but like everyone else I do have a serious side as well. 😁

Express yourself! Graphic T’s

Graphic T’s are so popular that it doesn’t matter if you even know the band or brand as long as the graphics are statement enough to invoke a reaction. Bottom line is the wearer’s making a point or creating one. Also, it can be used as a conversation starter, either agree or disagree to a cause and often times it is used as a call of arms to belong or not belong.

Graphic T’s unfortunately can be crude or misused so its often misinterpreted by anyone not sold to the idea behind the shirt. Therefore, discretion is needed when it comes to hot topics related to politics, religion, gender and race.

Hopefully, common sense would dictate some discretion but in a nation promoting free speech, it can get messy since boundaries will be pushed. The real question would be is it worth wearing such highly sensitive riddled shirt to the point of having to face consequences?

Personally, no. However, if I happen to be passionate about it, I’ll take my chances…but not for quite some time.


Exploring men’s eye wear, a.k.a unisex wear?!?

Unless its part of their sales pitch, whenever I asked which ones are men’s eye wear the sales rep at a retail store responds along the lines of, “Most of what we carry are unisex.”

This makes me wonder if unisex is the go-to response in order to make retail sell. Whatever the case, I indulged myself in trying out all the so-called “men’s” eye wear that a local retail store has to offer.

I started by after asking permission if I can take photos at the eye wear department, with a definite yes from the sales rep; I took my chance to try out as many eye wear that I can before I take the hint that my time of photo taking without buying any is over.

Therefore, based on an unspoken time limit I knew I got, I started taking photos, not bothering what brand I tried on or how it looked on me. My goal was to exploit my allotted time and edit with what I end up with. It was a thrilling moment as I flashed my face with every pair that seemed to cater to the general male population.

In truth, I looked like a busy bee hovering from one mirror to another snapping photos faster than I can decide which glasses haven’t I tried yet. In no time, I lost myself in making sure the lighting and angle was acceptable basing it on my untrained photography.







Sadly as I previewed my photos I made the mistake of making contact with the sales rep which ended my thrilling eye wear exploration. All she did was give me a distained look which prompted me to thank her again before I left.

As I left I had to glance back, in which to my dismay I noticed another eye wear section that I missed out on exploiting.

Hmmmm, if only…


A girl’s take on Christian Dior’s “Sauvage”

In my early years, I was not much into female perfumes because I was naïve. For instance, I did not know how much to put on and where besides my wrists or below my ear lobes. This often resulted in mild headaches, which deterred me from any scent wear.

Fast forward to now where much to my own surprise I find male scents to be appealing as well. Personally it is not harsh or off putting, instead it is more so intriguing since by default I should smell pleasantly girly or feminine. Now I have nothing against such scents since I have my collection of female perfumes; such as Marc Jabobs’ “Divine Decadence,” Mon Guerlain’s “Guerlain,” and Salvatore Ferragamo’s “Signorina” just to name a few.

I stumbled upon male scents after mindlessly watching YouTube on male and female cologne/perfume reviews. One in particular was so enthusiastic about his collection that it made me want to start my own scent collection.

Therefore, here’s my take on Christian Dior’s “Sauvage”

  1. The packaging might be simple but what sold me to it besides the smell was the magnetic cap. It is hassle and fumble free.
  2. I consider it a male performance scent, meaning it lasts most of the day but depending on where you apply it can deter some people. For me, I prefer one spritz behind both of my knees and one on the crook of either arm. This gives me just enough to be noticed but at the same time be pleasantly around.
  3. Every time I wear it I get great compliments, male and female alike. For instance, a female co-worker in particular was amused by the scent because she was asking about it. Another instance was when a male sales rep considers it intriguing when he would notice this particular scent on females. Bottom line is, he thinks its hot!
  4. The scent profile is not as common yet so it continues to be my go-to scent.

By commenting below, feel free to share your own male scent collection.