Hints towards upsizing.

Denial is when your reality does not sync with what is too obvious to everyone else. Unfortunately, I’m the one on the denial end about my weight gain. Therefore, these are friendly hints to my upsizing.

Hint 1. When I got a “double take” glance as to how I looked in a size small shorts.

Hint 2. After the “double take” glance, you know they are talking about it but won’t dare say it in front of my face.

Hint 3. As I jogged in my small shorts, the material in the crotch area bunches up and slowly looks like a raggedly looking bikini.

Hint 4. I constantly have to unbunch the material from my crotch area, hoping its not too obvious.

Hint 5. Chaffing.

Finally what was obvious hit me, I quit being in denial. I rushed to the store for larger shorts.

Repurposing to fit my new body.

Blame the holidays for the excess gain weight but I see it as an oppurtunity to  change my perspective in wearing clothes too small for my current size. Its so easy to body shame myself for it but why spend more money on clothes when I can repurpose it to fit my new bod!

At first, I was thinking of donating or giving clothes away but I can’t help losing so much of my wardrobe that I since loved wearing. I tried making money from it by selling through the local flea market with little to no return so my next best option is repurposing. My first project was a medium sized denim jacket. I managed to squeeze myself in it which looked ill fitting especially on my arms so what was my solution, cut off the arms! With a pair of sharp scissors it was an easy fix.

I paired it with a black body suit, over a flowy skirt with custom made black cowboy boots. Donned on my go-to makeup routine as I finished it off with a pair of fun tassled earrings.20181228_141953

I’m off with my day.