“Energizer” bunny bag…my unconventional take on Easter basket

Fundraising for Easter gave my creative juices a twist regarding the traditional Easter basket. I figured an “Energizer” bunny fueled by Duracel batteries and gym workout shakes/snacks and workout gear would give things an interesting perspective.

…so off I went, I randomly selected some protein drinks/shakes, energy¬† snacks/shots, small gym bag, muscled theme beach towel, headphones, a first aid kit, protein tumbler & shaker with 2 adorable stuffed toy bunnies to end it all off.

Assembling the bag was tricky but fun to say the least specially figuring out how to attach the kid sunglasses to both bunnies.

Wish us luck in raising a lot for our fundraiser next month.

Mustache DIY

On behalf of Mustache March I decided to partake with a Mustache March competition that included females. I for one has fierce competition but as the only female entrant I win by default but I want to make sure my mustache is a standout.

I figured I buy a beard from Amazon but when it came I opted against wearing it since its a beard not a mustache. I figured I want to make it personalized so I tried to use a cutout with cloth and affix peacock feathers but the feathers were difficult to work with.

My second attempt was from a Youtube video of false lashes as mustaches. It was realistic enough and I can work bejeweling it to make look feminine. Yeah, its a mustache but I want it to still look cute. Thankfully, I managed to find several pairs of false lashes being sold at a discount. I processed to stack 4 lashes on top of the other, being careful to attach stick-on jewels to dazzle the stache and after several takes I came up with a pair of falsies as my mustache.

Tell me what you think?

Wish me luck!

Silence is control

Misunderstandings between people are normal, often times with raised voices and pointing fingers. In doing so I have reacted in every state possible, from one extreme of complete anger to the other end of the spectrum with silence.

The moment I react with extreme anger, I end up feeling a false sense of victory since I immediately feel bad. Whether or not my reaction at the time had merit or not didn’t matter. I still end up with a sense of guilt and shame.

Surprisingly enough, when my reaction in defense is with silence; I end up feeling defeated but I seem to gain control and victory. It is not easy but when I know I am in the wrong and am willing to learn. I think its unnecessary to waste time and energy by reacting in anger.

Today was one when silence was in control and I plan to use it as often as I am able to. At the end of the day I get to sleep with no regrets.

It proved true this morning as I was finishing up this blog post at a parking lot, the driver on the passenger side opened his door wide enough that it touched my passenger side door. I happened to be inside my car and as we both locked eyes I had to laugh in response because fate was testing my resolve and again silence won.

Of course the driver gestured his apologies as he inspected his side of the door. It seemed he didn’t notice any damage so its all good so he went about his day as I did mine. I’ll just have to wait for sun up for me to see anything anyway.

Silence is control.



Lip Gloss Blunder!

I meant to start my work week by prepping my clothes for starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, as I pulled my clothes from the dryer I noticed splotches of pink on some clothes as I pulled clothes out.

The culprit was my trusty ever so glossy Lip Glow. Its my favorite and sadly its ruined as I proceeded to look down the empty tube. What a waste! Instead of it plastered on my lips now its all over my clothes.

Needless to say, it would take a lot of scrubbing and a weird concoction  thanks for a YouTube video in ways to take the stains out.

On top of it, I owe someone a replacement pair of khaki pants.


Any ideas on how to remove dried on lip gloss stains?

Mistaken identity

Thanks to President’s Day I have a dayoff and as my way of paying omage I decided to wear a patriotic themed outfit. I made sure the red, white and blue colors are present from my bandana and checkered shirt. I finished it off with blue eyeshadow to complete my ensemble. Overall, I looked like the Pacific Islander version of Rosie the Riveter.

I went about my day without a hitch, it was slightly boring since its my usual errands which I typically do. This afternoon however was different which started with a construction right in front of the grocery store I meant to shop in order to make dinner. To avoid the traffic I went the bumpy back road and managed to reach the store and go through my shopping.

This is where it got interesting because as I was done putting my grocery bags inside my trunk, a random guy approaches telling me my check is ready to be picked up. I told him, I’m not the right person he’s referring to so I proceeded to leave. However the cops were there investigating something that I’m allegedly involved so when I proceeded to drive away to leave the guy who approached me kept pointing towards me until the cop had to pull me over.

Needless to say, I went through the motions by provided my ID while telling the guy who pointed me out that, its not me as I blurted out explesitives while glaring at him at the same time. Good thing he left or I would have given the cops a reason to take my information.

After a few minutes of confirming I wasn’t what they were looking for. I told the cop he made my day exciting after which I gingerly drove back to the same bumpy road on my way home.

Moral of the story: Thank goodness for clear video photage!


Mustache March_ a girl’s version

Just to be clear, I am not confident enough to pose colored armpit hair like the fad nowadays; nor would I sport other body hair that I would rather wax off.

However, I would consent into showing off a fake mustache in support of Mustache March. I gave it some thought and after a few days I ordered a full-on beard through my Amazon account and I can’t wait.

“…but why?” you ask.

I say, “Why not?”

To me, the experience of sporting a mustache or worse yet a beard will be an experience that I’m willing to share. I’m already imagining the heat from wearing it to include the maintenance of making sure it doesn’t end up in what I eat or drink. Truthfully, I look forward to it since I can do away with putting half of my makeup! Less product, less waste!

March could not come fast enough!


Painting Rebel!

My kitchen needed a fresh coat of paint so I bought a gallon of paint with a color similar to what’s currently in my kitchen. The kitchen had a lot of odd looking stains with the usual grease stains so I finally took it upon myself as a DIY project this weekend.20190209_172917

Needless to say, its been awhile since I took on a project by myself but here’s a listing of my rebellious streak in action:

1. Its the norm to wear clothes appropriate for painting but I insisted on painting in my dress instead.

2. Painting without a floor covering. A trip from Home Depot changed my mind after a sheet would cost $14 a roll! Yes, I am cheap.

3. If only the dress was long sleeved, I would have avoided several attempts at scrubbing paint of my arms.IMG-20190209-WA0009

4. My fashion choice is costing me my hat from having paint on it.

5. Buying unneccessary paint gadgets that I’m not familiar with, thinking I could figure it out by just using the directions.

6. Prepping for future paint projects that I end up not doing anyway; so now I’m stuck with a gallon of red paint, a pint of yellow paint and a spray can of glow in the dark paint.

7. Baking and painting are not a good combination of smells, so keep the door WIDE open.

8. The idea of drinking beer while painting on a ladder, but I quickly dismissed the idea.

9. Taking frequent breaks and make it count! Eat small snacks and drink cold water, it helps clean out your sense of smell from being high of the paint.