My cold DC experience

Per my usual, every time I travel outside of my island home its always cold no matter where I end up. DC is definitely cold for me as I observed locals jogging in shorts and T-shirt passing us in puffs of warm breath. Like human trains chugging along for every jog they make.

As a tourist, a group of us walked to the famous monuments/museums and experienced oddities such as protests in front of the capitol and chants in Arabic outside the backyard of the White House. From local police barring us from walking towards the front of the White House, to a homeless man setting up a permanent protest tent near the backside of the White House.

Its a reminder of how much liberty and priviledged we are compared to other nations. Besides all the observed oddities, DC is beautiful. The cherry blossom trees in bloom was a site to see, to the unique colonial homes.

Given the cold weather, I am glad for the wonderful experience. By the way, I recommend eating at Sardis. Its a Peruvian restaurant and my first time at it. Let me know if its authentic enough or not. Better yet, make other suggestions of other places to eat at DC.