Eeeek!!!! I got my first gray hair!

This morning, I was busy doing my normal routine but I took a double take as I stared at the mirror. Staring back at me is a reminder of my dwindling youth, a single strand of gray hair. Just my luck to see one, a month before I turn another year older.

I heard rumors of plucking it would only make it spread more gray hairs or something to those lines so I kept the strand, hid it in between locks of hair. As if “drowning” it in more hair would make it go away. Silly!

Truth be told I have virgin hair, meaning I never had it chemically treated to a different shade of color from my natural hair tone of black. I blame and thank my mom for it because she emphasizes natural beauty to be the most beautiful. Of course hearing it initially when I was as a teenager did not make sense just because everyone else is doing it besides me.

I have to say that the older I get, her beliefs does ring true. Plus, it saves me a LOT of money so cheers to you mom!

Belated Happy Mother’s Day!


Unwanted products, Mom to the rescue!

I recently read an article about donating unwanted beauty and skin care products. As someone who’s been trying to control and calm down my skin from breakouts, I have a dilema of having unwanted products. My recent haul is with “Uth” from the company Mannatech.

Driven by my desperation of having clear skin I was consistent with any product, unfortunately it has not been working on my skin so I stopped it altogether. Now I have unused products that I would rather give away instead of throwing it. Which brings me back to the article I read. It listed several addresses to ship products, some would even accept pre-loved products.

I was touched by their cause because some are to support abused women who are trying to get their lifes back on track. After some thought, I was considering donating my “Uth” haul that is, until I asked my mom.

Knowing her, anything that is free she’ll take and I don’t blame her. I would have done the same. At least it saves me from having to store unwanted products when it could be useful to my mom.

Thanks mom! Consider it an early Mother’s Day gift.