My “go-to” summer time planning.

Summer break is upon us and like any parent with kids at school we’re planning for affordable trips once school is over. It was easy to plan for little ones since either way they’re going to like it. Unfortunately as kids grow up to teenagers then what I think as fun might not be the case anymore. For instance I read up on WWOOFing. Its a cheap way to have lodging at a farm in exchange for a few hours of helping out at the farm. I thought it would be fun trying out farming for a few days, I’m sure my daughter and I could learn something new. Well she didn’t think so…

Therefore, here I am looking for a plan B which would be expensive so I figured since I’m going for broke, might as well do something we both have never done, which is be on a cruise. Therefore, I summed up the courage to call the agent and in no time my wallet was feeling empty. A few more paperwork and we’re set. Now lodging and transportation after the trip is planned for. Airbnb for lodging and experiences is a great way to explore while transportation with rental car has been my go-to.

Share some of your go-to summer tips and tricks.


New Year’s resolution: First Home Renovation. Part 1

I figured its a New Year so why not tackle a home renovation as my year long New Year’s resolution. Besides, as my wardrobe changes due to the dictates of my body, its about time my house does to!

As a new home owner moving towards becoming a new rental property owner, its a big project. I’m giving myself a year to renovate tackling small projects throughout the house based on my limited budget.

Thanks to my realtor, dualing as my property manager we came up with what needs upgrading to pass building inspection codes within the area. He then armed me with his contacts so I can get discounts through his referral. I took advantage and started engaging with my first contactor who believes in saving me money, so him and his team have future work by word of mouth. I’m so lucky!

First on our to-do list is the kitchen. It had this drabby sink and faucet with a modest sized kitchen counter. How did I save, instead of ripping the kitchen counter my contractor suggests ripping through the counter to update the sink and faucet. 20181231_131349(0)

Second on the to-do list is the bathroom door install on my second full bathroom. Water seeps outside the bathtub and plain shower curtains is much help. 20181231_131403

Third on the list is the non-operational jacuzzi tub inside the master bathroom. The motor inside does not work so I had to buy a new one.

Fourth, exterior re-paint and water blasting the roof. Due to our tropical weather moss and mildew is a standard part of the upkeep.

Fifth, small upgrades to outlets, re-caulking seals and replace room handles to make it lockable.

Sixth, water blast the interior garage to make it more presentable.

Unfortunately, I’m not done since I’ll be discussing my wish list on Part 2 of this series.