Repurposing a pair of statement earrings.

With the holidays coming up everyone is on a financial budget, with plans of either visiting family and/or friends with the anticipation of food and gift giving. I only mentioned it since yours trully looks towards scoring on bargains because I’m always on a budget for upcoming trips or just saving for a rainy day.

This is the interesting part of the story because I found a pair of statement earrings for only $3.99! It was such a steal that I can’t believe anyone would pass on such a pair.

Well, I wore it twice but the next time I wanted to wear it, I noticed the hook on one was missing. I felt so cheated but considering how cheap it was, its definitely expected but I refused to accept defeat specially since I loved wearing it.

Sometimes, your girl likes to accessorize even when I wear mens wear pieces and these earrings looked so feminine. I also loved the soft tingling sound it made everytime I moved, so I was determined to find other ways to use it.

Below are ways I managed to get more out of a pair of statement earrings:

1. I wore it as a ring. 20181019_142419

2. Spicing up a pair of earrings with it. 20181020_122028From boring hoops, to bedazzled ones. 20181020_121946

From BLAH icing to fun wear!20181020_12245020181020_122709

Finally, from Meh to Va Va Voom!20181020_12172820181020_121639


I live on an island and resources are hard to come by, therefore no one would bat an eye if misbranding happends. For instance our Dunkin donuts ran out of boxes so it uses Popeyes chicken boxes for its dozen ordered donuts. Pretty ilusive but its common practice.

I only mentioned that example because clothing is a way to “brand” ourselves. When in public its our way of self expression and the first thing that is noticed. Unless you are also scented by perfume or cologne then your scent comes first.

As a girl wearing men’s wear, I like to be perceived and “branded” as an individual with an open mind, carefree, quirky, unique and bizarre. By staying outside of norms I would like to portray a sense of boldness with my style. I made this decision since being on island I’m tired seeing individuals wearing the usual tank top, shorts, sun dress and flipflops. Day in and day out which I consider boring.


My charge to you, be daring, be bold!



Styling men’s cargo shorts/pants…

Cargo shorts or pants is such a staple in men’s wear that I just started incorporating it as part of my wardrobe. Typical girl/women’s fashion would not dare get caught wearing cargos but why not? It is such a practical pair to have, first of because of its pockets! I love the way how versatile a pair of cargos can carry not only a wallet but tools as well. Granted, I do not have hobbies that require tool carrying but the fact of having readily available pockets is always a great option to have. This means if I do not have to carry a purse, that’s a bonus for me.

Second, cargo shorts come in a variety of colors and designs that should make it more appealing to wear no matter ones gender. I for one own a pair of cargo shorts with camouflage in woodland pattern. I love styling it with a pair of black booties and a simple top. For accessories, I often pair it with silver hooped earrings and finished off with a thin oversized sweater jacket that hits just above my knee. In this way the cargo shorts merely peeks out every time I walk.


Other times, I do wear the cargo shorts in plain site as a statement piece with a simple top on a pair of either loafers or slides. Sometimes, yours truly likes to dress up in a more rugged look but only with a hint of femininity thanks to accessories such as statement earrings, bold sunglasses with a pop of red lipstick!

Overall, cargo shorts/pants is a unique piece for girls to wear that I enjoy pushing the envelope. For instance, cargos does not have to be casual, you can help glamorize it with a pair of heels topped with a fancy looking top. Of course accessorize as necessary, and if you want to push it even further add a surprise teaser by spritzing on a men’s fragrance. Bold move, bold statement.

You’re welcome!



Definitely not basketball shorts…

I’d rather be comfortable yet fashionable because I don’t believe in going through any pain or discomfort just to be labeled as being “in fashion.” Therefore when I gained a few pounds and kept shoving myself in that small pair of shorts, my uncomfortable love handles were not having it so what’s a girl to do? Size up in the women’s section? Nope. Instead, I opted to wear men’s gym shorts!

First comes to mind are, basketball shorts which is baggy enough to fit me but at 5’3″ I might as well be wearing it like a skirt. Good thing I managed to find regular pairs of men’s gym shorts, better yet they were ON SALE!

I noticed the following differences between male and female gym shorts;

1. The pockets are large enough to carry a compact wallet, to include keys.

2. Gym short design provides a loose and comfortable fit.

3. The color scheme used tend to be heavy toned such as black and/or grey with only hints of lighter tone colors within its design.

4. For the best fit, personally try it on since the conversion between female to men sizes vary.



Girl on wearing men’s loafers.

I long for comfort especially when it comes to my feet. Sadly, Im not the type to enjoy pedicures since I dread the loofah or any scrubbing by the pedicurist’s, because I always end up mustering all my effort from giggling since my feet are ticklish.

Therefore, the only way for me to “pamper” my feet is by wearing non heeled shoes, so what’s more non heeled than men’s loafers!

I have to admit, at first I was not drawn to it since I can’t get over the fact that everytime I try a pair or two and look down, my feet end up looking like two airplanes! However the more I try more pairs of mens loafers, the more I start to appreciate the unique look.

As you can tell below, I went the extra mile to take as many comparisons as possible. One foot stays the same while the other is my “sample” foot.







In the end I own three pairs of mens loafers, below’s my experience so far;

1. Start with neutral colors so you can easily pair it with your current wardrobe. For me, I own two in dark brown color and a pair in black.

2. Men’s loafers come in many colors and designs. I suggest going for nothing too loud in color or too flashy in design. Make it worth your money so choose loafers that you can wear as much as possible.

3. Look at the bottom of the loafers because some have little to no sole grip. Those are designed for office or formal wear. Its best to invest in loafers you won’t slip over.

4. Depending on your comfort level, men’s loafers can be worn with or without socks!

5. Dare yourself to pair it with your dressy outfits, I haven’t crossed that treshold yet but eventually I will.

6. If you are still adamant at trying out anything from the men’s section, go when its not too crowded. Usually as the store opens or near closing hours; retail sites often show their peak hours so you can gauge what’s the best time for you.

7. If you’re still self concscious about it, bring a male counterpart to shop with you so its not as awkward as you make it seem.

Other than that, enjoy the experience if not the finds, until my next post!


Dabbling into male scents…

To some, an outfit is not complete without a spritz of their favorite perfume or cologne. For me I like mixing things up by wearing male scents instead of female perfumes.

I never considered wearing musky scents fearing I smell “manly,” but in truth it depends on your scent profile and others around you so I figured why not ask around and try it out!

Arming myself with YouTube videos about colognes and the different ways of applying scents on your body, I took off and tried every scent available in my area.

Here’s what I learned;

1. Don’t let the sales rep convince you which scent works for you, make the time to smell their popular and unpopular scents.

2. To help reset your senses, utilize the coffee beans they have for customers to use. It helps me avoid headaches after a few whiffs.

3. Don’t be intimidated by the masculine packaging, it just an indication that you’re about exploring your options.

4. High end scents are not necessarily the better option.

5. If you have sensitive skin, be mindful of where you apply your chosen scent/s.

6. Be aware of performance when wearing scents of your choice, some might last all day while others do not.

7. Don’t limit yourself by just wearing one if you like to mix up your own unique scent/s, go ahead!

Overall, my favorite fresh scent is Dolce and Gabbana’s “Light Blue;” while my go-to scent for performance is Christian Dior’s “Sauvage.”


My first men’s wear haul.

As a newbie into men’s wear what are clothing to consider buying at the men’s section:

1. Comfortable workout clothes. I am for yoga pants but over time it becomes restricting so I bought myself a few pairs of men’s shorts (not basketball shorts).

2. Print T-shirts. The men’s section has a great selection of quirkiest and catchiest print tees.

3. Denim jeans. You can’t go wrong with men’s jeans, especially if you’re not into the hip or curve hugging jeans. An added bonus to men’s denim jeans are their pockets!

Please take note that men’s clothing come in a variety of colors to include pastels, so don’t worry about looking like a “dude;” unless dark tones are your preferred colors to wear.

Lastly, do not be deterred by men’s sizing just try it out and you will eventually find your size.

Happy men’s wear shopping!